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Promotional: Promotional Bulk Sms with Sender Id is the quick & professional way to promote your business and reach the prospects. SMS marketing is one of the cost-effective, fastest and reliable mode of marketing for your company and products. It plays an important role in boosting the lead generation, more sales, and better profits.

It is a robust and fast marketing tool. Our powerful bulk SMS software empowers our customers to send out text messages to millions of prospective clients within a shorter span of time.

As a leading Promotional Sms Service Provider, we believe that promotional SMS is one of the affordable and best ways to reach the right segment of the audience. Our team of professionals will perform analysis on your business offering and suggest you the right time to make promotional SMS marketing campaign prolific for your business.

Transactional: Besides other SMS marketing services we also excel as leading Transactional SMS Service Provider. As the name suggests, transactional SMS can be employed for sending the transactional SMS like alerts and OTPs to your registered users only. These messages can be sent 24/7 from your unique ID.

We are continually addressing the demands of customers, assist them in boosting their business ROI by leveraging the latest technologies. At DIGIALGO, we create enterprise solutions, a perfect gateway to improving the way companies do business, by accelerating the information flow and communication of our clients in building global brands.

DESCRIPTION: Digi-Algo Bulk SMS Gateway allows you to send text messages through the internet for fast delivery. It is the most cost-effective channel that is available to reach out to prospective clients or remain in touch with an existing one. We give you the liberty to deliver thousands of SMS to your target audience in every second.

ADVANTAGE: According to studies, the average open rate of text messages is a whopping 95%. Users keep their mobile phones in hand & instantly they open the messages. Solid open rate is one of the greatest advantages of SMS marketing.

  • High Route to Deliver
  • Customizable Plans
  • Support Multi Languages
  • Support Unicode
  • user-friendly
  • Free API to integrate
  • Manage Phone Book
  • It is highly flexible to send SMS any time.
  • Send message instantly to Groups
  • Schedule your message to send
  • Upload contacts from .CSV & Notepad
  • Send SMS by your own Sender-Id
  • Check the Delivery Report anytime
  • Easy to use & user-friendly

We help hundreds of businesses with their text marketing campaigns, we know a thing or two about SMS marketing which makes us one of the best Transactional and Promotional SMS Service Provider Delhi, India.

FEATURES Features that Boost your Branding

  • Pay for High Quality Deliver the message super quickly

  • Dedicated Servers allows to send thousand of messages in seconds

  • Accurate Tracking Transparent report of every campaign

  • Safe guarding Privacy 100% Authenticated Server with Safeguard

  • Instant Coverage allows to share information frequently

  • 99% Uptime Server There is no Server Issue (No Wait - No Delay)

  • Unlimited Validity No Worry for Validity

  • Instant Activation Time is Money: 24x7 Instant Activation System

  • Send DND/Non DND Send your message in every pocket


10000 0.18 1800 0.22 2200 0.25 2500
25000 0.17 4250 0.2 5000 0.24 6000
50000 0.16 8000 0.19 9500 0.23 11500
100000 0.15 15000 0.18 18000 0.22 22000
500000 0.14 70000 0.17 85000 0.21 105000
1000000 0.13 130000 0.16 160000 0.2 200000
2500000 0.12 300000 0.15 375000 0.19 475000
More than 25 L Flat 11 Paisa Flat 14 Paisa Flat 18 Paisa
All the messages shall get delivered to DND/NON DND Numbers via SENDER-ID.

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